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The Nenasala project initiated for raising the IT literacy of the people of Sri Lanka is implemented by the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA)

The Nenasala project initiated for  raising the IT literacy of the people of Sri Lanka is implemented by the Information and Communication Technology  Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA).  The primary aim of this project is to empower the rural community through Information and Communication Technology.

ICTA has launched a variety of technological service facilities and training projects for implementing the Nenasalas in a proper manner.  The project launched  under the theme “Raising the capacities of Nenasalas” provides training in management and technology to  Nenasala operators.  This training aims at ensuring a proper management in Nenasalas and their being run in a profitable manner.  Furthermore extending the Nenasala services among the rural populace and ensuring their lasting success are among the goals of this project.

The training provided for the Nenasala operators under this project  covers the following six aspects:

1)      Marketing and Commercial Development for Nenasala Management

2)      A structured finance administration methodology

3)      Increasing of productivity of Nenasalas through the five S’s (5S) concept

4)      Process monitoring and assessment methodologies

5)      Raising computer hardware knowledge and skills

6)      Increasing of Nenasala operators’ skills with regard to the  Network

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COLOMBO: At a time when top-most priority is being attached by the State as well knowledgeable circles to the expansion of IT literacy in this country, it is heartening to learn that a new

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A rural ‘Nenasala’ operator from Sri Lanka bagged the best tele-centre manager award at the recently concluded Global Telecenter Awards in Spain.


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The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) held the National Nenasala Felicitation Gold Award 2013 - the Nenasala Pranama Swarna Sammana - recently. The aim of the felicitation event was to give d

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